1 Act, 1 hour, 1m/1f, drama

A young traveler with no past and an old caretaker with nothing but are trapped in a snowbound Montana motel.

Probably Forgettable Productions, dir Phoebe Keleman, 2009
Hugo Writers Fund Award, 2007

In a snowstormed Montana hotel, a hypochondriac guest  and a bluntspoken cleaner move from darkened memory to pale white interaction and back again, never quite answering the eerie question of who’s real and who’s not. 
                                                                 - The News Tribune​ 

1 Act, 1 hour, 2m/1f, tragicomedy

Three homeless individuals vie for a park bench, the memory of a man, and their dignity.

Probably Forgettable Productions, dir Phoebe Keleman, 2009
Benefit for Tacoma Area Coalition for Individuals with Disabilities (TACID), 2010
dev at Last Frontier Theatre Conference, 2008
That Stokes gives his characters no names, just numbers, is no accident: With dialogue and characterization he explores the issues of homelessness (dignity, integrity, possession) through the lens of a fear of the nameless death that struck their bench’s previous owner.
                                          - The News Tribune
Mike Tilton, Gabe McClelland, Kris Keppeler, PFP.
                                    Photos by Jason Ganwich
Kris Keppeler, Evan Tucker, PFP.
Photos by Jason Ganwich.
1 Act, 1 hr 40 min, 1m/1f, surreal drama

A husband and wife, lost on a mountain with no sun in sight, fight to survive. They deteriorate; they relive; they eat, drink, and miss their pills. They dig, bathe, sing, and salvage. 

reading, Toy Boat Theatre, dir Marilyn Bennett, 2011
reading, Northwest Playwrights Alliance (NPA), Seattle Repertory Theatre​, 2009
              dir Jerry Manning, Seattle Rep Artistic Director              
written at Camano Island Residency, Artist Trust, 2008
2 Act, 2 hr, 4m/5f, comedy, band recommended

Techies, love, and the vagaries of comedic performance bring about the end of a sketch comedy troupe, in three more minutes. 

Charles Wright Academy, commissioned and performed, 2008 
a collection of associated plays, 4m/3w, ensemble  

An investigation into consciousness and relationship. 

Under development 
KNOCK, script-in-hand performance of Jacob's Rape, with John Paulsen, 2010  
Seattle Cold Readers, reading of selection Zero + One, 2009 
Grant for Artists Project, Artist Trust, 2008
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6 Scenes, 1 hr 30 min, 2m/1f, from comedy to tragedy

Irene gardens and lives with John and Juan killing each other again and again and again. The surreally comic tragedy bleeds vegetable juice, smashes tomatoes, smears blackberries, and recedes from suburban now to rural beginnings, when John was Irene’s discontented investor husband and Juan was her Mexican-American gardener.

On the Boards, NW New Works Fest 2013, Amador/Stokes
reading, NPA, Seattle Repertory Theatre, dir Erin Kraft, 2011 
reading, Open Circle Theater, dir Lenore Bensinger, 2011 
selected scenes performed at iDiOM Theatre, Serial Play Competition, 2009 
2 Act, 1 hr 30 min, 2m, absurdist tragedy

The young man wants the old man's place; the old man exacts a price.  They move the rock a little. They fish and drink and nap and chant and paint their faces in clay.A young man on a long walk finds an old man trying to move a rock into a river. 

reading, Driftwood Players, dir David Morrison, 2011
Daniel Christensen, Aimée Bruneau, Carter Rodriquez, photo by Tim Summers