The novel Affair is serialized at The Seattle Star

The once upon a time story Rise, then Descend in Crab Orchard Review, Vol.18 No. 1.

Rearrange, a prose nothing arranged beautifully at Paper Darts.

A groupthink nothing Fragment on our End in the 12/12 Wrist, and "The Voice of Bernard and The Water Spider (by Marcel Béalu)" by Nick Stokes in the 2/13 Wrist, and a square in the 4/13 Wrist and vanishing words/worlds in the 5/13 Wrist.

The Father of Sighs, an exhale of words at Atticus Review.

Rebuild, a short ensemble performance piece commissioned by Spark and Echo Arts.

Smalling, a sudden nothing of prose, at Word Riot.

An End, a speculation featured in the inaugural issue of Mixer and available on Kindle.

Sing, a short play commissioned by Spark and Echo Arts.

What Never Happened, a relation of fiction, in Waccamaw No. 7.

Losing Place, a piece of nothing, appeared in the April 2010 edition of City Arts.

Jacob's Rape, a short play, was published in KNOCK #13Jacob's Rape is a selection from within, without a skull, a night of associated plays.

Read and hear Nick read After Life, a flash of nothing at Word Riot.

Read Two Women and a Man, a flash fiction and contest finalist at Opium.

The Seattle Star: online mag of culture, art, and news that believes you can think.

Northwest Playwrights Alliance: playwrights advocacy organization for which I serve on the Board of Directors.

14/48 the world's quickest theater festival: twice yearly festival and Seattle theatre celebration Nick's written for - plays written, rehearsed, and performed in 24 hours. 

City Arts: handsome arts magazine serving Seattle, Tacoma, and the Eastside.

KNOCK: literary magazine published at Seattle's Antioch University kind enough to publish a few of my short plays.
1 Day, a novelette in Prick of the Spindle Print Edition, #1. Available on Kindle.

Tremors, a prose poem published in the anthology "In Tahoma's Shadow" by Exquisite Disarray Press.

Birds and Terds, a short monologue in KNOCK #9 and revamped for the full-length play DUSK.